Fundraisers: Silent and Live Auctions – The Painful Truths of Consignment

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travelpledge clipWe are often asked by non-profit event organizers to compare our program to “consignment” programs that they may have used (and typically have had bad experiences with). We did a little research, and we quickly discovered why so many non-profits shy away from consignment. The good news is that we found that it is very easy to contrast consignment with TravelPledge. It seems to come down to answering a very simple question:

“What percentage goes towards my cause if the item sells at a reasonable price?”

Volunteers and Background Checks

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Background checkVolunteers play a huge role in most nonprofit organizations. Serving at-risk populations and filling gaps where budgets just don’t stretch. While most organizations perform background checks for newly hired employees, where do volunteers fit in? Should nonprofits invest in background checks for the volunteer workforce as well as compensated staff?

While the benefits of having a volunteer force seem endless, NPOs must also consider the risk. It only takes one incident to damage an organization’s credibility, scare off clients and new volunteers, all while sending employee morale in a downward spiral.

Missed Opportunities

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donors worldwideWhen we consider fundraising, we often look at the bottom line and the bottom line only: the gift. We often see the financial donation as the goal and miss the opportunity to see what that donor is really all about.

The real goal of fundraising is to build a relationship with the donor and grow their heart to your organization. The question is, how do we do that?

Thanking Donors by Email: Best Practices

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Thank you noteAs donors have begun transitioning their gifts from writing checks to online giving, the question of how to appropriately thank these donors becomes a priority for nonprofits.

In a world where we expect, and often receive, what we want at the click of a mouse, thanking a donor by email immediately following their online donation has become acceptable. The catch comes with making that email stand out to the donor.

Does Your Donation Page Have Abandonment Issues?

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abandonAccording to, online giving grew by 14% in 2012 and 500x since 2001, a faster rate than any other form of giving.  The growth can be attributed to the increased effort of nonprofits to drive traffic to their websites and seek direct appeal donations through targeted emails and e-blasts. However, even with the noted growth, online giving generally accounts for only a small portion of most nonprofit’s budgets.

With so much online activity, what would cause donors to take the time to write out a check rather than give to your organization with just a few easy clicks? Take a look at your donation page…how many “easy” clicks or hoops do your donors have to jump through to give an online gift to your organization?